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A guide to the Traditional Turkish Wedding

Turkey has a rich tradition of weddings. Throughout the nation, many of these customs vary. Some families will adhere to village norms, which involve holding weddings over several times and bringing along entire communities ” Salon weddings” from larger towns and cities will have an impact on different people. However, there are still another that resemble American bridal ceremonies.

The preparation for a Turkish wedding is just as crucial as the ceremony itself. Single friends and family write their names on the bottom of the bride’s shoes during the henna night (kina gecesi ). At the end of the night, it is believed that they will satisfy their future husband soon if their title fades.

The people on the couple’s edge will reward her by giving her a golden gold before the indigo is applied. To bring excellent fortune and diversity, she places this either inside her wax or in her finger.

A foot game where the groom and bride attempt to step on each other’s legs is one of the most enjoyable rituals. In their union, the winner will have the upper hand.

There is a bit of singing and dancing to classic Turkish tunes called halay dating a turkish woman during this time. Drums and pipelines, known as the davuls and zurnas, accompany it.

The groom raises a Turkish symbol outside his apartment as the ceremony begins. Everyone is being made aware that a wedding is about to occur. The wife is taken in a procession the next morning to her novel father’s home while being accompanied by the sounds of drumming and hose tunes.

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